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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> a deadline for the occupy protesters and a fire at a restaurant. >> a suicide car account that killed 12 people and another attack that is one of the worst on u.s. forces in the history. james. a cool down this morning. with
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america standing by. >> good morning. i know that it is a chilly day with upper 40's in the north bay. we are spurrin-expecting 50s and 60s for this morning and this afternoon with cloud coverage to contend with. that sunshine will not make an appearance until later. expect 60s in downtown san francisco and 60s in hayward, antioch. probably the warmest area at 83 degrees. much cooler compared to what we are used to for this time of year. more of that with your extended forecast, coming up. >> a quick check at the bay bridge toll plaza. the heaviest is in the east bay. on interstate 580 coming from 205 however, light to the south bay and the
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peninsula and the north bay. >> thank you. and san francisco occupy protesters will not back down in this city this morning. the deadline is 6:00 p.m. to vacate justin herman plaza. the bathe late-the deadline is 6:00 a.m.. >> it looks like it is a few moments past the deadline and the occupy protesters have dismantled their tents. i spoke with the san francisco police department and that is the issue. technically, this is the issue but they cannot sit there but as far as those temporary structures, those need to be removed. offthe tentsneed to be removed. you can see there are a couple of dozen officers on market street. you can see on the other part of market
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street. right around 5: 50 a.m. there or even putting on a riot gear. according to the cu capt. the are not pressing them away but they are going to go away. they are going to break down down authorthe tents if there are confrontations, rests could be made at this point, there are no arrests. this was the one year anniversary yesterday of occupy wall street. there were allowed to stay at justin herman plaza but technically this was supposed to shut down to the public. no overnight camping but many of them stayed. and at 4:30 a.m. they went in to the plaza according to the captain. they spoke to the representative leader of this encampment. he said that you stay we will not make arrests but those tents need to be taken down.
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perhaps there were a dozen or sell. some were taken down. and even a and even - so.. and they are continuing to dismantle and keep it here and i will keep you updated if there is any confrontations. >> thank you. >> new this morning there is one firefighter injured in a fire that happened at a restaurant in downtown san leandro it started at 2:00 a.m. at the tequila grill. you see the damage. heavy smoke coming back from the restaurant and it started in a garbage dumpster. if they are investigating how it started. the firefighter that was injured was taken to hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.
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>> >> this suicide attempt in afghanistan wounding 11, and is only the remains with off 600 lbs. chute drove this near the airport and kabul this was after that anti-muslim video. and also the taliban is claiming responsible on the worst attack on fifth camp bastion... coalition forces in the entire 11 years. insurgence killing two marines on the base and damaging or destroying eight different attack jets. there are several troops on that base including prince harry. great britain is saying that the prince harry was never in danger. >> this unexpected announcement by the san jose police chief. after
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two years on the job. chris moore is calling it quits. his life has changed and he is going to be stepping down and the next five months. he held a brief conference yesterday. >> i came here to become a police chief. i could have gone to a different district but i could not be happier that it was here. again, it is not necessarily my doing. these talented people that love the organization. >> this announcement after they are dealing with a number of issues with property crime increasing. pension reforms and also debated and pay cuts have been put into effect. in fact since the month of july they have seen 170 officers leave. with resignations, retirements. the officers'
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association saying that the morale is low. the police force is shrinking. >> we are putting out for officers in a district that should have eight officers. we are just stretched too thin. >> it is taking us call o longer and longer. it will take as an additional seven- eight minutes for a domestic. as this comes out in the next month it could be even longer response times. >> it is up to city leaders to address these criticisms if the want to stop the officers from leaving the police force. >> coming up a surprising drop in oil prices. will it have an impact on gas prices?
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occupy movement. they wanted to work with the protesters and in the meantime it looks like it is scaling back just a bit. now, they are being allowed at justin herman plaza. they could not be after 10:00 a.m. but they allowed them to be here are run 4:30 they went in there and spoke to one of the representatives. he said that you can stay here but you have to remove those tnts.. by 6:00 a.m., that is one they had to be dismantled. who let us see if we can speak to the captain. captain? " we would
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like to try to speak with him. you can see there are a couple of police officers making sure that the captain is okay.. >> capt.? this is kron 4. what is going to happen. >> 6:00 a.m. was the deadline. >> the members of the occupy movement have request have cooperated by taking down the tents with no intention on having them removed. it is open after 6:00 a.m. and it is a public park like anybody else. what will happen is that the supervisors, and a couple of officers will stand by and monitor to make sure that those structures to not go back up and there's no violence. >> if those tents go back up? >> that will have a strategy on how those could be taken down. that could be read
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visiting with the official representative of the group and asking for their cooperation. it is always best before just moving in. and i will be on duty so those strategies will be prepared by the captain of the police force. >> police are not going anywhere? >> because they are cooperating, we are going to demobilize. and part of these groups to just leave a small group to monitor. >> thank you, with the san francisco police department you just heard him say that they're still going to be here to monitor. you can see those tests have not gone back up but they will keep police officers. you just heard him say that they will negotiate and asks them to take them down. back to you. >> thank you. we will be back with more.
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>> we are watching wall street. taking a look at the numbers of apple stock just below 700. however, overnight trading increased the stock shares at over
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$700. people are already lining up. with 2 million pre-sales. and a sharp drop in oil. and it went from $99 to $95 just in 20 minutes. and they were saying it was not a software glitch that is exactly what the price was. it is down and overnight tradin trading but it will take at least six weeks to realize the savings at the gas pump. and the opening bell as coming up at 6:36177 -- >> for october 9th. sandusky will be sentenced in a pennsylvania court room to see if is a sexually violent predator. he was convicted in the month of
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june of 45 counts over a 15 year period. the first eight months of 2012 for the hottest recorded in the united states. the nation is averaging four degrees above average. the hottest was 126 degrees in death valley and that was recently recognized as the hottest place on earth. the right now we will see what impact us. >> good morning. we are going to see temperatures below the seasonal average. a lot of low clouds are run the bay area. taking a look at the mount tam cam the satellite and radar showing those low clouds impacting the majority of the bay. and those clouds are not as thick near livermore but there are tens fog conditions to contend with dense fog--to contend with.
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with mid 40's in napa. a pretty chilly start. and oakland, 54 degrees and 50s and concord. livermore. and mid-50s expected in fremont and in sunnyvale. the futurecast showing that not cloud coverage will be slow to burn off. not that much warming. in fact, fifties to the heart of the bay. pretty chilly. certainly these water would be a good idea and the potential a sweater would be a good idea. by 3:00 p.m., it will be building after the more marine on your screen with th it produced an introduction of orange with 80s. again, those are just a few and far between with the 70's. most portions will see 70's in the south bay of some of the
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east bay area's will also see 70's in concord and '80s in concord. perhaps one of the warmer areas with 87 degrees in san leandro. and yes, that sunshine in the north bay but it is going to take a while. with a 62 degrees in san francisco. please keep in mind for this time of year we are normally in the '70s. temperatures are cooler than what we are used to. will probably not see the sunshine as much as we are used to. your kron 4 7 day around the bay cooler conditions for wednesday, thursday with the warmer areas livermore, antioch climbing into the upper 70's. 60s for the bayshore locations and low 60s along the coast. morning fog and afternoon sunshine for saturday. and 6:20 let us
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get a check of the roadways. >> there are a couple of potential hot spots a disabled big rig on pedal-- pinole and also and hercules there has been an accident reported. potential problems here and also in oakland on the nimitz freeway. the 580, there is a report of that accident that was blocking the center lane. i believe it has been cleared but the potential for a delay is still there. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. they have put the meter and light on that there is a report of a disabled picric in san francisco, westbound at fourth street. that big rig --disabled at fourth street. it could be slow across the span there could be major problems for the bay bridge this morning. the c h p
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could be issuing a sig aler t the san mateo bridge is problem-free with no delays and the golden gate. 101 so uth decent towards san francisco. >> muni has released a report on their on-time arrival for buses and trains without inflating their numbers. it is the first time they have done that in all for one decade. the agency's vehicles were on time by 57 percent. in the month of august, it was 60 percent. muni has been using accurate real-time numbering over the summer. and trying to boost the on- time rate by 18 percent.
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>> details on the space shuttle endeavor. it is being moved from florida, to los angeles. the space shuttle endeavor will be on expected to arrive in california thursday. it will stay the night at edwards air force base in southern california. on friday morning, it will depart and going north towards sacramento. this is the exact expected pass near the state capitol in sacramento. way towards the bay area. we are expecting to make it right over the golden gate at an altitude of 1,500 ft.. it will fly down the peninsula. at the moffett field is expected to go over between 9:00 a.m.- 10:00 a.m. nasa is not providing more specifics. and they will go to los angeles and it is expected to land at los angeles airport and around noon. and then transporting along surface streets towards the california science center.
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those downtown trees had to be removed to make way for the transport. perhaps that fog could impact the golden gate view? 6:24 we will be back and speaking of that here we are on the mt. tam shot. this is what it would look like and you do not have to try it. drive that
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>> we are following the current conditions with 55 degrees in san mateo. and we are looking for the daytime high of 60s. >> the trustees are going to vote that would raise tuition by 5%. if they reject this. that 5 percent increase will go into effect if proposition 30 will fail.
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they will pay an additional amount for each semester. >> will be following the latest on wall street.
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fed >> the cia is celebrating its 65th anniversary. this is out of california, the nasdaq trading futures however, are treating a bit lower. by 2.5% and fedex dropping a bit but the shares of apple stock are over $700 per share! rob black will be with us, later. erica? >> good morning 8, 10
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degrees cooler than the seasonal average. with low clouds in the forecast right now. not only impacting the coast but inland and in the north bay. tomorrow could be cooler with the anticipation of what we can expect today. not much rainfall expected but temperatures will be well below the seasonal average. no warm up. exactly where these clouds are and everybody is a victim. what we can expect for the afternoon highs coming up. and now, the roads. >> thank you. we spoke of a disabled big rig and the san francisco. the c h p has it changed that location and it is in fact here at hercules and pinole just past highway no. 4. also a crash but it
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is blocking the right hand lane. the reason for the slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza is not that vehicle stalled and san francisco but there was a minor accident. ialready slow leading to the incline. >> 6:32 or developing store with occupy protesters are not going to back down in san francisco. the police gave them a deadline of 6:00 a.m. 30 minutes ago it has already passed and they were trying to get them out of trust and herman plaza. >> justin herman plaza they came and went without any confrontation but the occupy protesters are still here. they are legally allowed to be here but they're not able to construct tenst thingss the police spoke to
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representatives from the occupied movement but the work requesting that they dismantle those temporary structures. there was no confrontation. at 6:00 a.m., the police captain spoke to us. and he thanked the occupiers for the cooperation. the last structure was dismantled at 6:0 3:00 a.m. and now they were satisfied. they are legally able to be here but they will keep a couple of police officers on the scene to monitor if any of those tent tents.. will reappear the police could arrest people. you can see that
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there was a slight confrontation here but it had nothing to do with a police officer. we will keep you updated throughout this morning and they are being cooperative. no confrontations with the police officers. although the captain was providing a news conference there were yelling at him. >> thank you. >> the latest out of beef south bay with one fire fighter in san leandro let me show you on google earth. this is the 1300 block of east 14th street. as we go you can see there are businesses surrounding this restaurant to fire. about 2:00 a.m. and a that firefighter is expected to be flying. it could have started in a garbage dumpster behind the
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restaurant. the cause is still under investigation but the damage was contained to that of one a restaurant. with the exception of that one person, >> this second outburst from father that tried to abduct his children and take them on a stolen yacht. he is facing five felony counts. the children have been safely reunited with the children. >> stunning new allegations against the boy scouts of america. charging that the organization actively covered up molestation charges as an far is 50 years ago. they learned of
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the abuse and 1970's but did not alert police. instead, they asked to to resign and once he resigned he relocated to british columbia and continued the alleged abuse. the confidential blacklist of a molesters include victims, parents, staff, and the anonymous people. in a 80% of the cases the police were not notified the board and one-quarter of those they were actively trying to conceal the abuse or allow the suspects to hide. they were sent that the boy scouts will not release this information to anyone and the action will not effect freestanding in the community. the boy scout scouts is not commenting. >> we're also learning that two of those leaders were
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from northern california. he started in the 1950's. and in the 1970's he became the hea thirdd of another chapter. after parents spoke up he was arrested and prosecuted for tying up boys and fondling them. he pled " guilty " to a lesser charge. they put him on a confidential file however friends rallied on his behalf and even petitioned the boy scouts to let thlet him back and and they did in 1975. more allegations resurfaced in 1989. they found harnesses for bondage at his home. and photographs of boys. this is a 24 year-
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old that was a victim than nine years old and in texas, they say that he enjoyed spanking boys. and in 1989 again he was arrested and convicted of molesting a 9 year-old. >> 6:38. [ female announcer ] now your best accessory can be your smile.
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rhode island that is now on our facebook page. they have ended their father and daughter dances. they say that this is a violation of the state gender law. this is what a few people had to say on facebook. i went to a dance with my uncle because my father was not available. this is about family bonding. no child should be made to feel invisible. i would have never wanted to stop these activities at all >> we have a live picture at the doubt been down. the
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wall street will be coming back in a moment.
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story that we are covering. one firefighter has been injured in downtown san leandro this morning. they are stating that the fire may have started in a dumpster. met romney has been caught on camera speaking to donors. keep in our eyes on the dow jones. the highs have not been seen like this since 2007. there
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is not a lot of great news here. there are a a lot of guys in ins here. it turns out that motorola will bring out a razor phone. one governor is stating it is a horrible idea. there aren't a lot of conversations but not a lot of headlines. was there a little bit of panic? gas went from 99 to 95 a barrel. this is not a glitch this is actually happening. it was very horrific. the manufacturers
6:48 am
are very slow in the united states. they get fed all oil and is consumed. that is why one of the reasons that it dropped. there is tension and they're starting to debate. within six to eight weeks we may see a significant drop. fedex has had a good quarter. this is the second time that we have been hit. fedex has lowered their expectations. a lot of people are not shipping things overnight. they are going through amazon instead. fedex and did warn
6:49 am
us that they were going to do this. ups is more of a dividend in the united states. i think ups will be in business to the day that i die. i go brown today. apple's stock has gone up almost 700. the stock did cross the $700 which got a lot of people happy. in the first weekend of the iphone 5 they projected this. >> 6:49 a.m. now. let's take a look at the weather. happy
6:50 am
to say to you let's take a look outside. gray skies are out as we start the morning. we do have a lot of cloud cover. we are talking clouds down in san jose. as you focus your attention on the the numbers 54 in hayward, and 56 degrees. in the 7:00 hour we are seen a lot of cloud cover as we head into the afternoon. we are talking about clause in the san matell area. in terms of the clouds it will keep the sun shine from door in this
6:51 am
thing. at specs '70s and the south and 77 in santa clara. eighties will be for the most part in pittsburg and antioch. it will be significantly cooler. it will be another mile day in the bay. downtown san francisco will be about eight degrees cooler. high clouds are expected in daly city. it looks like temperatures will be in about the upper 50s. we will see a high clouds in the afternoon. it will be much cooler than what we're used to. wednesday and thursday
6:52 am
will still be cooler but by friday will start to heat things up. it looks like we will cool things down began as we start the next work with. >> we're still looking at high spots on highway 4. it was a 5 car pileup and a disabled rick. the roadway is still fairly narrow and it has not picked up the extra lane until it picks up at will. this usually backs up the traffic. eight to 12 minutes have been added to the west 80 drive. normally we computed from highway 4 because normally you are traffic free prepared there
6:53 am
was a delay in the west kron area. at the back of mount is already existing and the drive times the 16 minutes, from interstate 880. at the san mateo bridge you're looking at a good ride there are no backups here. and your ride through the golden gate bridge will be no delays at 1 01. >> at 6:53 a.m. we have the best blue angels live coming up next. george is making a fine airplane. it will be fun to hear george talk
6:54 am
about the blue angels. coming up on the kron 4 news will have a live look at 680 which seems to be done pretty well. we will be back with more in a few minutes.
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>> it didn'rescue in oregon to show you. the homeowner heard the crying in the basement wall. fire and rescue crews were out there using some shovels and some good elbow grease to get back kiddy out. --kitty out. >>darya: occupy protesters in san francisco get a deadline. we will tell you what they did.
6:58 am
we will see if everyone has been cooperating. >> a new details on space shuttle endeavor a final flight, we have the scoop on where you will be able to get a glimpse. >> at 7:45 a.m., then spun and 01 will said klass the sidelines to this party. we will talk about last night's big game. on
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